Sunday, 12 September 2010

Jeffrey Campbell -!! AMAZING

Sorry i didnt post a blog yesterday and sorry for taking so long posting a blog today but i have been seriously hungover after being out for my work collegues leaving party. Had a Brill night from what i can remember. NEVER AGAIN !! you should see the pictures . BAD

Anyway after searching through a few great fashion blogs I came across an advertisement i think it was solestruck !! I then came across the designer Jeffrey Campbell who has been unknown to me for all my life. His shoe designs are amazing but it seems that there are no UK stores . America gets everything its not fair. But it aint all bad as the site posts worldwide. I honestly think that I am going to be a life long shopper of his shoes
Currently sold out :(

WOW $159
Also in black
If i had the money i could easily induldge in every single pair of his shoes. Check them out. These pictures again do it no justice and thats because when I tried to make the image bigger the image then became pixilated. His designs are amazing. I think i love chunky wooden heels too much or maybe shoes in general. So does every woman right?

Are you a handbag girl or a shoe girl?

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