Monday, 13 September 2010

Victoria Beckham wows Fashion week with her simple amazing pieces

Victoria showcased her new collection at New York Fashion week recieved the best reception of his fashion career so far. Victoria described the new designs as "a collection of of sharp mini dresses and floor sweeping gowns as a celebration of the womanly body its all about shapes and curves" Yeah right has anyone seen Victoria Beckham, she must be a size 0 although she claims she is a UK size 6. although it is possible that people do have extremely high metabolisms . I am a major fan of Victoria and think she is an amazing family woman and Fashion designer.

Victoria however has took a step forward last week refusing to hire size 0 models . Well done Vic :)

The collection focuses on Vibrant colours, textures, zips and mandrain paracute silk . As time progresses i am able to finally see Victoria as a serious designer not just the wife of David Beckham . Victoria has also designed some new fabolous handbags to match her fabolous designs !!

The above dress is one of my favourites . The slit up the front makes this models legs look never ending. As muc as i love this dress it seems limited in its audience not only would you need a slimline figure you would also need extremely long legs if you wanted to do the dress any justice. The knot at the front of the dress is gorgeous ! well done Vic :)

I love the babydoll style of this dress, even if i didnt know it was Victoria Beckham who designed this collection i would imagine it would be something she would wear. I love the nautical colour of this and the black band. the clutch also goes well with this dress. god i wish id be able to afford one of these dresses. Just one im not asking for much .

I love this dress. .although its plain shape of it instantly pulls you in. I love how the dress is completely figure hugging however has a flow at the bottom of the dress. This makes it a dress that if you had would be eye catching to any passer by.

 This figure hugging mid length dress is another one of my favourites. I love how all the designs are matched with the gold heels that look amazing. athough i love this dress i feel it is more conservative and for an older age group. However i hope to eventually when im older pull of an amazing piece like this ensuring i have a figure to die for when im older.

what do you think of Victorias designs . are you as big a fan of Victoria as I am.

Well done not only for creating amazing designs but also hiring models with more meat to them


  1. i absolutely love her! i love how her designs reflect her individual style, you can definitely see victoria in any of those dresses! she is so classy and fabulous!

  2. Yeah i know and with a figure like hers she would wear anyone of those designs perfectly. this is by far her best collection yet