Friday, 10 September 2010

Never thought id say it but at the minute River Island is better than topshop?

Hiya ive been busy alll day with work. Ive been working all week 9-5 its awful i hate the thought of graduating and working full time all the time .After work today i decided to call into topshop and really couldnt see much at all however when i went in to River Island i seen loads. cant wait till i get paid in 2 weeks and spoil myself rotton lol

I  love Topshop dont get me wrong but at the minute there is nothing . well not in the Derry store anyway . online aint too bad with some gorgeous unique pieces only new in this week . Have a look at me there stunning !!

Tell me what you think? Is Topshop or River Island better at the MINUTE ?

Panneling dress from Topshop

I absolutely love these shoes !!
Unique Topshop dress
Backless Topshop blouse £35

The above pieces are at the minute are my favourite at the min. I LOVEEE the unique crochet dress which is priced at £150 seriously considering getting it when i get paid but by the time i get paid it will prob be sold out. we know how quick unique goes at Topshop !! I also love the panneling dress but it is limited in its audience because you would need a really slim figure for it.

River Island


River Island Heels - £74.99
Dont you just love the shoes !! there soo gorgeous. These shoes are a must have . The pictures of the bandeu doesnt do the dress any justice. please go online and see it its absolutely beautiful. I also love the cream crepe long shelved dress. Its beautiful.

Now who is better? River Island or Topshop?

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